Meet the Missionaries

Pete & Joy Newburn




Professor, Lecturer (Pete)/Counselor, Consultant (Joy)


St. Thomas Aquinas Major Seminary/Various archdiocesan institutions

Pete & Joy Newburn and their children, Joshua, Jessica and Emily, served in the Archdiocese of Bamenda, Cameroon. Pete, who had been a Pastoral Associate in the Diocese of San Bernardino, CA taught at the major seminary. Joy, who has a background in psychology, served at a school for intellectually challenged children, at a HIV/Aids counseling center, and with the local Catholic schools. The children attended the local primary school.


"Everyone always says being a missionary is life changing. Here's how I have changed.
1) Live more simply and "need" less materially. If you can share a closet with your husband for three years you realize you don't need much.
2) Cry every time I hear the national anthem. Proud of those in U.S. who reach out to make the world a better place and so grateful for the many blessings we have in our country.
3) Feel that serving others is not an option, but a Christian calling for all.
4) Understanding that "developing counties" have blessings that we have forgotten — like spending quality time with people, caring for the elderly, celebrating all day on the Sabbath, greeting people properly, and realizing that time is more pleasurable when we are not rushing and stressing.
5) My heart got bigger and my pride got smaller.
6) Know that God really does work all things for good and that I can trust His plan when all feels out of control and scary."