Who We Need

"We need help!" Even sixty years after Lay Mission-Helpers' founder Msgr. Anthony Brouwers first heard the request, the need is just as great. Mission dioceses around the world need our help. Here are some of our current needs.

If your skill set isn't listed, it doesn't mean you are not needed. New opportunities are always becoming available.





Diocese of Damongo:

Damongo is a small, rural town and an area of primary evangelization. it is the capital of the West Gonja district in the Northern Region of Ghana. The Mole National Park is located in this diocese.

  • Science, Math and Computer Teachers (and other subjects)

  • Registered Nurses with Specializations (surgical, pediatric, etc.)

  • Lab Techs

  • HR Resource Management

  • Professional Sonographer/Radiographer

Sierra Leone

Diocese of Makeni:

The Diocese of Makeni is the largest city in the North Province of Sierra Leone with a population of over 85,000 according to the 2021 census.  Makeni is located approximately 110 miles east of Freetown and is home to the University of Makeni, the largest private university in Sierra Leone.  There are two seasons - rainy and dry. Makeni is ethnically diverse though the Temne people make up the largest ethnic group in the city.  The Krio language is used as teh primmary language of communication among the different groups.

  • Bookkeeper/Financial Management for Holy Spirit Catholic Hospital

  • Registered Nurse - general nursing, intensive care, surgical

  • Grant Writer to write grants and monitor approved projects for the diocese

Papua New Guinea

Diocese of Aitape:

Want to serve God while enjoying the island life? Located on the north coast of Papua New Guinea in the Sandaun Province, the Diocese of Aitape is almost equidistant from the provinal capitals of Wewak and Vanimo. Aitape has a tropical rainforest climate with rainfall year-round.

  • Accountant/Bookkeeper
  • Teachers in a variety of subjects for "second chance" secondary school
  • Project Officer to submit and follow-up on grants for various projects in diocese
  • Builder/Carpenter to build small houses, chapels, furniture etc.
  • Manager - to help start and run a local trade store with local staff to help raise funds for projects in the diocese
  • Social Worker to train women and girls to generate funds through some women empowerment programs
  • Cattle Farm Manager - knowledgeable in the area to help improve cattle farm of diocese 


Diocese of Kabale:

The Diocese of Kabale is located in the southwest region of Uganda, bordering Rwanda. It is very lush and green with interlocking hills and spectacular valleys. The elevation in many areas ranges from between 3,999 and 7,700 feet above sea level. The city of Kabale has approximatly 49,000 residents. Bwindi National Park, home of the mountain gorillas, is located within the diocesan borders.

  • Registered Nurses

  • Specialized Nurses: Neonatal Nurse, Pediatric Nurse, Surgical Nurse, etc.

  • Lab Tech

  • IT Specialists (for hospital and for diocesan administration)

  • Medical Equipment Maintenance Technician

  • Physical/Occupational Therapist

  • Professional Sonographer, Radiographer and CT Technologist


Are we looking for you? Here are our requirements for admission, information on upcoming discernment weekends, and instructions to submit a preliminary form