Meet the Missionaries

Rachel Sybor






St. Sylvester Secondary School

Rachel was a recent college graduate when she joined LMH. She served as a maths and physics teacher at St. Sylvester Secondary School in Sop, Diocese of Kumbo, Cameroon.


"'Three years in Africa? You just graduated college! Are you crazy?' That is all I heard right before I left for Cameroon. And now I hear 'Three years! That’s amazing! Did you love it?!' I did love my time there and I miss it every day. Teaching in Cameroon was so much more than a job or a life experience–it was a defining moment of my life. I was blessed to have LMH’s support to travel, my family’s blessing to leave and the unfathomable welcome of the Cameroonians waiting with open arms. I was lucky enough to hear God’s call, find LMH, and muster up the courage to go–are you? I promise – you won’t regret it."