Meet the Missionaries

Joyce Alpaugh






St. Sylvester Secondary School

Joyce served as the bursar of St. Sylvester Secondary School in the town of Sop, Diocese of Kumbo, Cameroon. She was responsible for collecting school fees, payroll, and the overall accounting of the school. She implemented a computer program to facilitate the accounting system (everything had been done by hand), and trained someone to take her place. Joyce has returned to Cameroon for short term assignments–implementing an accounting system and training staff at Shisong Hospital.


"I served in Cameroon as a “missionary” for 3 years. But my idea of “bringing God” to these people was changed during the formation process. Someone said: 'Remember, God is already there!' That was so true. The experience of living among a different culture taught me that God indeed is already there.

I will always cherish the time I shared their lives. Unfortunately, they do not have the ‘Luxuries” of clean water, electricity or sanitation. But they have family and friends with the same joys and fears families around the world share: Food, shelter, health, and the education and future of their children.

I have been fortunate enough to return several times to Cameroon. The friends I made there will always be a part of my life. I thank God for the call to mission. That call is a challenge, but the rewards are indeed great."